‘What a day!’ – new work by Tommy!

Some of you may have heard of Tommy’s new project ‘The Neighbors’ (not to be confused with the dead eyed suburbanites of Ramsay Street).

It’s a sitcom currently in development and yours truly has been lucky enough to see the pilot episode. As one would expect from Tommy, it is nothing other than mind blowing.

Here’s an official synopsis for the show:

The lead character is Charlie (Wiseau), the manager of the building. The tenants are a diverse group of presonality of different ages and backgrounds constantly bringing their problems to Charlie and his secretary girlfiend Bebe. The character of Princess Penelope create commotion by seeing the ghost of her uncle Prince Charles. It is a fresh humorous look at human behavior with different view points including plenty of surprises. The demographic is all inclusive.

Tommy’s tagline for the show is ‘What a day!’

As if we needed any, further confirmation of Tommy’s unique brand of Genius…


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