Tonight’s screening is SOLD OUT!

Big thanks to everyone in The Room family in the UK cos we’ve totally SOLD OUT eight hours ahead of the screening tonight!

And a big shout out to all the ‘Superfans’ who’ve busted a gut to get their mates down there tonight, Tommy’s loving it.

With any luck, pretty soon other theaters around the UK will start to sit up and take notice and we can get The Room showing in all the regions too…

“If a lot of people love each other, the world would be a better place to live” – Johnny (aka Tommy Wiseau)


3 responses to “Tonight’s screening is SOLD OUT!

  1. Just got back from the second screening at the PPC, my ears still ringing from the clattering of spoons and the cries of casual misogyny. Why can’t they show this film everywhere? Ah I’m fed up with this world!

  2. At one point this evening I heard a concerned usher saying ‘they’re being quite aggressive with the spoons’ in reference to the guys on the front row! And their football seemed to have been confiscated. I enjoyed the ‘Room’ experience; fave bit was the couple eating chocolates (the face he makes when she goes down on him!) Oh and just Denny generally.

  3. I was a “guy” on the front row, I wasn’t violent with spoons lol!!!

    I found that by leaning to a slight angle, I could catch spoons from rows further back between my back and the back of my seat; thus getting more spoons than just the 100 asda smartprice ones my brother and I had brought with us.

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