Protect Lisa!

It came to our attention at the last screening at the Prince Charles Cinema that poor Lisa came under a disproportionate amount of abuse from certain sections of the audience.

It’s worth pointing out that Lisa clearly has a psychological condition so she really can’t be held accountable for her actions.

We know this because of Peter, Johnny’s psychologist friend, who makes the shrewd observation that ‘She’s a sociopath – she can’t love anyone!’ Peter is a respected medical professional so we should take on board what he is saying and go a little easier on Lisa – it’s simply not her fault she acts the way she does.

The other thing is, why the hell should Mark get away scott free?? Johnny is apparently Mark’s ‘best friend’ yet still he goes through the whole film betraying him. Lets all try re-directing our emotions towards Mark instead of Lisa at the next screening this saturday, he’s a good-for-nothing love rat! Give him hell!

And also let us not forget that Lisa is beautiful – as the clip below so brilliantly illustrates – and for this alone she should be celebrated…



6 responses to “Protect Lisa!

  1. Hey, stop playing psychologist!

  2. as a genuine care in the community nutjob, I take offence at being shoved in the same bag as that moo.

  3. Larry L'Aughalot

    As a sane person with a very good sense of humour I take offence to the other posts here.

  4. Well now, that didn’t work too well, did it? If anything, we all went away hating Lisa that little bit more…


    (Proud winner of this month’s Wiseau impersonation contest!)

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