The Room goes North!

By ‘eck, The Room has finally burst out of the London bubble and is headed to the provinces!

The great city of Leeds will have the distinguished honor of being the first place in the UK outside of the capital to show Wiseau in action.

It all came about after some Yorkshire Superfans asked if they could get some ‘Roomie’ action on the cinemas Facebook page, and generally speaking what the fans want, the fans get!

So the first screening will be on Saturday 17th October at The Hyde Park Picture House on Brudenell Road at midnight.

Tickets can be bought at the box office or on the cinema’s website so book now – we’re anticipating another sell out!


5 responses to “The Room goes North!

  1. Saw it in Dublin at a guerilla style showing. Amazing!

  2. omg omg omg, right… the link is copied and sent to my 4 friends who reside in the area… they have to experience this.

  3. michael chadwick

    would just like to know about the leeds screening. by saturday midnight does it mean early saturday or late night/sunday morning midnight?

    also does anyone know if tommy will turn up and do a Q+A for it?

  4. It feels good to be referred to as a super fan!

  5. Please please please could someone organise a Bristol screening of this diasterpiece. I feel incomplete having not seen THE ROOM.

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