Film maker Nick Ahlmark is organizing the very first UK screenings of THE ROOM on behalf of Wiseau Films!

THE ROOM is widely considered to be ‘the best worst movie’ of all time. It was first released in the US in 2003 after writer/director/producer/actor Tommy Wiseau independently raised a $6 million budget for the film.

After a brief run in Los Angeles the film disappeared before being resurrected by a small group of hardcore fans and went on to develop a cult following in the city through a handful of midnight screenings.

In the years since it has spread like wildfire across America and continues to have monthly midnight screenings throughout the country. Audiences dress up as the characters from the film, shout out the key lines and even stage mock walk outs. More about the audience rituals can be found on our Viewers Guide to The Room page.

It has now overtaken the Rocky Horror Picture Show to become the number one cult movie in the US.

Now, at last, audiences in the UK can experience the most bizarre, entertaining and hilarious cinematic experience on the planet!

Contact us at: theroomuk@googlemail.com

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