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27 responses to “Screenings

  1. Oh hi there,
    I’m trying to arrange a screening in Birmingham. Any tips on how to sort this/who we need to lobby to get it here? Happy to do any necessary legwork.

  2. Any chance of a screening a bit further up North?
    Liverpool would be a good one, but I don’t know if it’d be FACT’s cup of tea, but if a good turn out was promised…

  3. was just wondering, where can I find photographs of Saturday the 5th sept’s showing of The Room? I know I’m in some because I was the only person dressed as Lisa.

    much love from me and my little bro (the one dressed as Tommy Wiseau)

    • Hey there, this is Nick, I organized the screening. Thanks for coming down and for dressing up! What is yours and your brothers names? I want to give you a mention on the blog.

      Pictures will be up today or tomorrow.

      Cheers, Nick

  4. I am Emma Oliver, my brother is Tom Ward. we both live in Essex and took a long journey by train and tube to get there lol!!

  5. Amy from Brum – I’d ask at the Electric Cinema. They seem the most likely place to do a thing like this.

  6. I’d love to see one of these in Leeds. Big city, lots of crazy cinema fans. Could rule.

  7. What’s happening with the Bristol screening? Is anything organised yet? If not I’d be up for helping.


    • Hey there thanks – we’re talking to a theater in Bristol but nothing confirmed yet. With any luck we’ll have a screening there before the end of the year…

  8. I assume it’s The Cube, is that right?

  9. Broadway in Nottingham will screen anything you want on a Sunday afternoon for £195 quid – providing a print is available… I really, really want to see The Room on the big screen!!

  10. Rapidly becoming obssessed with this as yet unseen film (bar Youtube clips). Really love to see it up in Edinburgh, any dates planned?

  11. You mean Saturday 17th OCTOBER!

    I have my tickets. It will actually be the peak of my life so far. Possibly ever.

  12. Yeah, I know LOADS of Birmingham based The Room fans, and I agree with John H…. The Electric Cinema has got to be the place to screen it! Come on! Let’s get it shown in the second city! 😀

  13. Heya. I wasn’t able to make the Leeds screening for unforseen circumstances. Any word on if it was succesfull enough to warrant regular screenings?

    • quadraspazzedonalifeglug

      Neil C – at the time they said another screening was being arranged for around December I think, but didn’t state an exact date. And it was certainly successful enough by my reckoning, the cinema was full and everyone was participating!

  14. so, when is the next london screening?

  15. Any chance of a Norwich or Cambridge screening? I’ve been pimping this movie for months to anyone who’ll listen, and I’d LOVE to see it on the big screen.

  16. Hi, I am a really really really big fan of The Room, and so is practically everyone i know! As such, I think it would be a phenomenal idea if a room screening was held in early 2010 in Manchester… perhaps the Cornerhouse cinema would be a good setting? If not, Islington Mill could be perfect as well. What do you think? I will help to arrange it any way i can..

  17. Come on, FACT in Liverpool! We were promised a screening and that just disappeared without trace…

    Like somebody said – a screening in The Box or Screen 3? Pllleeeeeeeeeease?

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