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The Room goes North!

By ‘eck, The Room has finally burst out of the London bubble and is headed to the provinces!

The great city of Leeds will have the distinguished honor of being the first place in the UK outside of the capital to show Wiseau in action.

It all came about after some Yorkshire Superfans asked if they could get some ‘Roomie’ action on the cinemas Facebook page, and generally speaking what the fans want, the fans get!

So the first screening will be on Saturday 17th October at The Hyde Park Picture House on Brudenell Road at midnight.

Tickets can be bought at the box office or on the cinema’s website so book now – we’re anticipating another sell out!


‘The Room’ Strikes Back!




Saturday 5th September at The Prince Charles Cinema.What a night. We sold out well before the show started, there was a line of people outside trying to get in and some poor folks even had to be turned away!


Downstairs it got pretty frenzied as the Wiseau hungry mob tried to bum-rush a Q&A that had over run from the film that was showing before. The ushers had to round everyone up and send them back into the bar.


There were some crazy cats that turned out on saturday. This chap took his chances and tried to get a ticket on the night – it pains us all that there were none left as he would of no doubt had some interesting things to shout at the screen. Whoever this man is we would love him to come to the next one – buy your tickets online this time my friend!!


Now these guys ROCK. Emma and Tom are siblings and decided to make it a family affair dressed up as Lisa and Johnny.


Organizer Nick Ahlmark was so taken by their dedication that he got them up on stage before the film started – the audience warmly applauded them as shining examples of true ‘Superfans’.


The brother and sister double act schlepped it all the way down from Essex especially to see the film. Emma and Tom, we salute you and dearly hope to see you again at the next screening!


At the premiere back in July we had Charlie Brooker attend and there was also a very special guest in the audience on saturday, Emmy award winning writer/director Graham Linehan (above) creator of classic TV comedy shows Father Ted and The IT Crowd.


Graham has been a hardcore fan of The Room ever since he was introduced to the movie by Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright, but this was the first time he’d seen it on the big screen and he was totally blown away by how amazing watching the film is as part of a large audience. He’ll be doing a running commentary of The Room on September 23rd at The Bad Film Club which is going to be a blast, though not surprisingly, tickets have already sold out.


We have to also give a big shout out to student Matt Dreyer who became Septembers ‘Superfan’ of the Month by virtue of the fact that he rounded up THIRTY of his mates to come down to the show! Matt was awarded a t-shirt on Tommy’s request for his sterling effort in spreading the Gospel of Wiseauology.


Though it must be said Matt and his buddies had some pretty cool t-shirts themselves that they’d created especially for the screening…

And now for the Spoons…all the fans had plastic spoons at the ready and were chomping at the bit to get throwing them.






When the first call of ‘Spoooooon!” was heard there was an eruption of the plastic cutlery flowing through the air like a tsunami.

There was some other cool stuff going on too – a protest walkout on the third sex scene, a common occurrence in the US but a first here in the UK!



Someone in the audience started a slow handclap during the love scenes which everyone got involved in…’You are my rose you are my roooooose’…

Witty comment of the night goes to a guy who upon seeing one of the weird paintings which did NOT have a spoon in it shouted out ‘ABSTRACT SPOON!’ Whoever this genius is please step forward. We’d love to hear what else you have up your sleeve.


Like the last time there was a competition to see who could give the best rendition of ‘I did not hit her, I did naaahhhhtttt! Oh hi Mark.’ Notice the carnage on the stage floor caused by all the spoon throwing.


This bloke in the blue shirt ended up getting the audience vote and won a t-shirt for his valiant effort. Well done fella, whoever you are. You did Tommy proud.


So once again a storming night had by all! We can’t wait for the next screening in October, tickets should be on sale on the Prince Charles website in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled cos their gonna go like hotcakes!

A very special message from Tommy to the UK fans…

August 28, 2009

Los Angeles, California, USA

Hello to all the fans of “The Room” in England!

Welcome to “The Room”  family. I’m thrilled that we

have fans in Great Britain. It is my pleasure to tell you

that I appreciate your E-Mails, support and interest in

“The Room” and in my work. I would appreciate if you can

spread the word about “The Room” to your friends or any

person in your beautiful country.

The last time I visited your country the warmth of your people

and hospitality stuck in my mind, I love English tea.

It is a good idea to see “The Room” at least four or more times

in the theater.

I look forward some day to seeing the British fans of “The Room”

in your country.

You can laugh, you can cry, you can express yourself, but please

don’t hurt each other.

I love you all.

Very Truly Yours,

Tommy Wiseau

Tommy in the UK!

I don’t want to get you to excited but I just got off the blower with Tommy (always a joy) and he is VERY keen to get his muscular butt over here.

But this will only happen once we’ve got The Room out to at least five or six more theaters across the UK so we need YOUR help!

Check out our Superfans page to see what you can do to help get the word out.

Just think we could witness first hand Tommy electrifying the crowd with a Q&A…

The Room | Film | A.V. Club

This is a great article on the phenomena of The Room.  We particularly love this quote from a superfan:

“I genuinely love The Room. I never have a bad time, which is why I’ve been eight or nine times so far. Oftentimes when I’m feeling down or depressed, I’ll wish I could live forever in the dark space of The Room, where you can say whatever you want, people will laugh, and you never have to worry about the consequences of your actions. Forget booze, the real intoxicant is the film itself. Let the earnest ineptitude wash over you, and submit to the unholy power of The Room.” —Jon Danforth-Appell, The Room superfan

via The Room | Film | A.V. Club.